Monday, February 14, 2011 10:27 AM dikarang oleh Ridhwan Marcello 3 komen
Most stories start with, 

"Once upon a time"
my stories start with,

"you ain't gonna believe this crap"

then the story begin like this : 
She said dats she love me...
i sneezed and i said :
"SORRY! I'm allergic to lying.."

 then the girl bubbling almost and hour to get it's done,then boy said,

"The next time my name comes out of your mouth, choke on it, bitch"

p/s : i swear to God, im not a drugs... i'm just naturally born like this.
warning: i may becoming ur addiction
hasil dari nukilan brother chot di atas status beliau..nampak menarik kan setiap status beliau aku mampu buat satu ayat..hahahaaaa..nanti aku mintak permission kt beliau eak..sorry brother chot kalo xmintak permintaan dulu...heeeeee~~~~